For the love of

God, don't

support J.K.


27th Dec. 2021

Just in case you hadn't already gotten that memo.

This is something that I absolutely cannot stress enough: please, for fuck's sake, do not support J.K. Rowling. She's made more money than any of us will ever make by making one of the most generic, boring fantasy series of all time - a generic series which saw widespread success, as a result of it being so painfully uninspired that many of the tropes are interesting to people who have never read fantasy books. However, if you read the books with an educated eye (or one that's seen basically any amount of other fantasy pieces), you will swiftly see a clich├ęd tale in which virtually nothing interesting happens. Yes, they have their highlights, but on the whole, J.K. Rowling is a mediocre writer at best. At least in my eyes.

So, what's that all got to do with my interests? I couldn't give a flying fuck about some shitty book series that got way too popular, mostly because that happens so often that it's not worth worrying about anymore, so why am I talking about this?
Well, dear reader, as I'm sure that you're frightfully aware, J.K. Rowling is a transphobic arsehole. Now, I'm not wishing to bring anything too particularly spicy to the table here, but shockingly, when somebody is against not only my own identity, but one that is widespread across the globe, especially with a platform as elevated as her own, I'm not too well pleased by it. When such a bitch then goes on to say that trans activists attempted to doxx her whilst her address is easily accessible common fucking knowledge, that's when it just gets depressing. I'm glad that I'm not one of the countless LGBTQ+ fans of Harry Potter whose world's been shattered by this; no, I'm just depressed by the fact that there are still legions of fuck-knockers who are willing to defend the literal billionaire, and the futility of this very post. Christ knows that we can't really change her mind, because her mind is already set. People who believe in these sorts of ideals are hardwired to be closed-minded, and simply cannot be changed. Whether this is due to their fragile egos not allowing them to empower anyone outside of themselves or their friends, their stubborn stupidity and inability to accept reality, or some other third thing is entirely up to your own discretion.

But... still, there's got to be a catch. There's countless transphobes around, why am I picking on specifically Jack-off Kunt Rowling? Well, because there's a Harry Potter game coming out.

I'm shouting into the void here, practically speaking, but in the event that anyone does read this, please, absolutely do not purchase this game. You can pirate it, pirate away, but do not support this, whether through money or through streaming it or what have you - she simply doesn't deserve any of it. Amazingly, the game is attempting to separate itself from the established canon, likely as a get-out-of-jail-free card, to abscond themselves of all relation or agreement with her standpoints, but so long as the Harry Potter brand is attached, avoid it. If you buy this game, or any other Harry Potter (or Wizarding World or Dumbledore's Funtime Gangbang or whatever the fuck it's called now) merch for that matter, you're engaging in the exact kind of mindless consumerism that gives idiots such as J.K. Rowling the platforms and obscene wealth to bleat these poisonous ideologies unto their masses of fans. Save the money, get something better by cool people. Save up for Elden Ring. Buy an indie game. Fuck, spend the money on bricks to smash together, it'll be an infinitely less harmful and more engaging experience than anything the Wizarding Wank could conjure.

I just wanted to write this in order to vent the frustrations I held with the whole debacle. Especially with many of my friends previously being fans of Harry Potter, who have simply divorced the series from their interests - these people had Harry Potter, whether it be the books or movies, to help them through hard times, gave them good times, helped them make good friends, and all that fun stuff. Ironically, most of them seem to attribute the series to only helping them be more tolerant of people, as opposed to deciding to act maliciously towards them based on their identity. All in all, J.K. Rowling is bad. Play fuckin.. Wizard 101 instead. Literally better Harry Potter.

Add.: Ironically enough, as I was checking through this before I posted it, Pink Triangle by Weezer came on from my playlist. That's pretty damn funny to me.