about me

my name is shyver.
u can call me jelly!
she/they and please respect it.
i'm a dumb m2f who likes linux and dislikes bloated websites.
the more i can limit my use of mainstream stuff the better.
i swear i'm not a hipster.


my favourite games are team fortress 2, gta iv, gta:sa, gta:vc and gta iii (in that order), most 2d sonic games, sonic generations, sonic adventure 1 & 2, sonic heroes, sonic unleashed, crash bandicoot 1, 2, 3, & twinsanity, and basically all of the ryu ga gotoku/yakuza series before 6.

// more on yakuza:
my favourite of the bunch would likely have to be 3. this series grew from being the thing with the funny baka mitai man in it to one of the most important series i have ever played. i love this franchise, and it may well be my favourite of all time, challenged only by sonic. please do not engage me on yakuza unless you are willing to hear a british person bang on about kazuma kiryu being so fucking cool for like seven hours.

// more on sonic:
my favourite of the 2d games would likely have to be mania (of course), whereas my favourite 3d game is likely generations. this series meant an awful lot to me growing up, and it undeniably was an essential part of my childhood experience. i can also chat about this blue rat for hours on end, just likely in an infinitely more scrupulous tone due to there being like three good games released from his series in the time i've been alive. still bloody love most of the catalogue though.

// more on gta:
my game of the bunch is likely san andreas, solely for memories. i've played the game for years and absolutely adore it, even if it does show it's age. and for reference, yes, i mean the original - not the disgusting cash grab that is the definitive edition. rockstar and/or take-two are a disgustingly bad company. gta v is an overrated mess of a game that fumbles it's most interesting ideas in favour of pursuing an easily cut-and-paste mission structure in order to minimise effort. the game world is fleshed out in all of the incorrect ways. i much prefer the gtas of old, likely due to nostalgia in part, but also due to the fact that they feel more alive to me. yes, this even applies to gta iv. there's a certain air to gta v, one that is especially prevalent once also mixing in gta online, that just constantly spells out "wolf in sheep's clothing". it's got good stuff, undeniably, but there is more bad to far outweigh it in my opinion.

// more on crash bandicoot:
my favourite is likely twinsanity, again for nostalgia, although i will not deny it's of a lower quality than the original trilogy.
i frankly believe that crash 4 (the new one not wrath of cortex) is a great game to any%, but then rapidly becomes hell as soon as you try to get the collectables to get 100%; in my eyes, this damns the game, as part and parcel of playing a crash game, at least to me, is to 100% it. that, and it's under activision-blizzard, so i'm condemning it on that alone, to be fair. the series itself overall has a fairly abysmal track record, but some are certainly diamonds in the rough. and i bloody love those diamonds.

// more on team fortress 2:
one of, if not, my first pc game ever. i hold it near and dear to my heart, it's extremely important to me. however, i am certainly less enthusiastic in my love for it these days; this is due to the content drought. as much as i personally love the game in the state it is (balance-wise, not the bots), most people seem as though they do not, leaving most servers to be full of only sweaty comp players. or maybe that's just the joys of matchmaking in my neck of the woods; i couldn't really comment properly. either way, tf2 is great, and i still love playing it, even all these years on. here's to all the hours of my pre-teen years consumed by hopping on skype with mates and going onto trade_minecraft_plaza to mess around, or queuing up for a quick play match. god, i feel overly old just saying that!

the reason i commented in-depth on my game choices here is because i am, first and foremost, a consumer of video games. i know and talk a fair bit about the video games i love, and they are my main mental focus, i would say. i am not limited only to that medium, however. see the following lists for my favourite:


miss kobayashi's dragon maid, lucky star, gabriel dropout and bokuben


chainsaw man, jojo's bizarre adventure, komi can't communicate, my lesbian experience with loneliness and the bride was a boy (+ all the above anime's corresponding manga series)


perfume by patrick süskind, jam and mogworld by yahtzee croshaw, a clockwork orange by anthony burgess and dewey by brett witter & vicki myron


idw sonic series, limbo, spider-man blue, scott pilgrim, watchmen, v for vendetta and paper girls


nirvana, weezer, blink-182, ween, bad religion, the offspring, takaya kuroda & goodfellas, dead kennedys, rush, descendents, all-american rejects, blur, nine inch nails and black flag

oh yeah also i use arch btw

oh yeah also i use arch btw

just tell us what the fucking

whole-arse website is for


well that's quite simple really, my strawman-voice-in-my-head-as-i-type-this!
i wanted a place where i could express myself without needing to worry about any limits; character limits, link limits, image limits, sky is the motherfuckin' limit, baby.
(that and i'm sort of a nerd and it seemed like a fun project to kill some time)

u can reach me @ shyverEve@pm.me